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Master The Skills Of E-commerce And Be Successful.

In this modern age, the World Wide Web is playing a significant role in our daily life. The Internet has brought revolutionary change by making our activities easier. As a result,  people these days get everything, from a simple inquiry for train or flight reservation to shopping for clothes, in a matter of seconds.

Gone are the days when people would travel for miles leaving the comforts of their home behind just to clothes, electronic items or any other common household things.

At present, Customers no longer like waiting in long queues, instead they would rather directly purchase from the comfort of their homes. It is not just convenient, but also saves a lot of time and hassle. Hence, if you’re planning to start a store, it better have an ecommerce store as well if you wish to make it big.

Not only are you providing convenience to your customers, though, because e-commerce has other benefits as well. Let’s dive into why e-commerce is crucial for your sales strategy.

E-commerce Website is important for Your Business Growth isn’t right?

In this technological era, e-commerce has become a significant option for many businesses as there are lots of companies that are interested in developing their online stores.

Well, there are few factors that you need to consider to take your ecommerce website to the peak

Many online companies are so occupied bringing their websites to the top of Google search results that they forget their primary purpose- serving clients.

Brand Identity:

As soon as the user open your website , your page should immediately shout who you are and what you offer, This assures customers that they have come to the right place. Your company logo and colors foster trust, customers who recognize and remember you feel more comfortable on your site and probably visit back.

Calls to Action:

Customers are on your site to get something—be it information or goods and services, so make it easy for them. Make your CTAs prominent, clear and decisive. “Buy Now” and “Order Here” and “Sign Up Now.” are the most common CTA’s used for ecommerce platform. Don’t flood your page with too many call-to-action buttons, rather make it clear where they should click and why. Additionally, display promotional offers such as limited-time discounts, free items for signing up, or featured items for repeat buyers. Make it easy and worthwhile for visitors to explore the products and services on your website and to buy from you.

Search Bar:

The search bar should always be placed at the right position, so that it is easy to find. Most preferred location is at the upper right corner or right across your banner. If you can, use suggestive search to offer similar items on anything being searched. Also, use corrective search so if someone looks for a “mobyles” they’ll still see your selection of “mobiles” instead of an error message. If  it’s a typo or spelling error, help your customers.

Convenient payment options:

It is said that “More than 20% of  online customers would abandon their cart, if the website doesn’t offer their preferred payment mode. In case of  e-commerce business, online payment plays a crucial role in the e-commerce success. However, online payments may vary from local to global. Some countries prefer to use credit cards for online payments while some others prefer digital payment systems like PayPal. Currently, buyers have access to various forms of payment systems, such as traditional credit, Apple Pay, and debit cards, or fast-growing transfer systems such as Zelle and Venmo, in order to make purchases throughout the day. Ensuring that you have multiple payment options available would surely satisfy your customers.

Reviews and Ratings:

Let your happy customers sell your product ! 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before making a final purchase. Product Reviews , Ratings and feedbacks have played a crucial role in online market since the internet has become a household thing. The Product Reviews and ratings  are the factors which either make or break the relationship of the customer with the store. They help build loyalty and trust and lets the potential customers to know much more clearly about the product and other aspects that differentiate it from the rest of the products elsewhere.

Many e-commerce startups aspire to achieve the greatness achieved by the global giants like Amazon and AliBaba/AliExpress and while aspiration is not the wrong approach, it’s the inability to understand your own self is. Many people feel that succeeding in ecommerce is a cakewalk. But that is not the reality. That too with the competition thriving there are many things which one needs to do to stay ahead in the race. But many people don’t realize it.

Why does certain E-commerce website fail to grow?

8 out of 10 E-commerce businesses fail within 2 years of launch. But, even with that failure rate, the E-commerce marketplace is growing around 13% each year. There are some common causes for ecommerce failures, and any one of them can be deadly. Check out the most common issues, and some examples of businesses that failed as a result.

Poor quality images and product descriptions.

While shopping online, consumers are unable to pick up a product and take a good look at it. Instead, they depend on the images your website provides, along with proper product descriptions. If you have poor quality photos or display improper descriptions, you’ll definitely lose sales.

Always choose pictures that display the product from multiple views, using only high quality images, and be sure to include unique detailed descriptions. Don’t use generic product descriptions from the supplier. Don’t rely only on price. Attract your  visitors with excellent imagery and product detail.

Complicated checkout.

A well-known ecommerce website, Amazon, introduced a simple and easy purchase process. As a result it revolutionized the e-commerce industry. Consumers were frequently requesting for simpler checkout methods with less steps. A complex, lengthy checkout process is quite frustrating for customers. As a result they are likely to  give up before completion.

Thus, avoid this complexity by offering a simple, short and easy  checkout process. Also, don’t use registration for checkout. Let your customers go through the process and prefer the convenient  option to register and save their details at the end, in case they want to come back. Otherwise let them checkout as a guest, without any registration.

Poor UX/UI design

Basically, When you visit a store and look at the dusty tables, disorganized cabinets, messy floors, and outdated ceilings – you will most likely have a negative impression. The Same thing applies to e- Commerce website. Before you go through the product list, prices and reviews, your customers  first take a look at the overall appeal of the website design. However, an attractive website suggests that you’re dealing with a professional, credible and reputable business.

In case you are New in the eCommerce businesses, and spend huge amounts of money driving traffic and raising awareness for their site. If you’re sending all of this traffic to a poor website, it may all be for nothing.

For an eCommerce business, the website is of course an integral part of the operation. Thus, having a poorly optimised website is one of the key reasons why many online stores fail. We can all spot a badly designed website from a mile off, but sometimes eCommerce entrepreneurs need to take a step back and consider how their target customer will use their site.

Some will go for a website that looks fantastic, but can’t convert visitors to customers, while others will opt for a basic site template, but don’t take the time to adapt it to their needs. A good eCommerce website needs to be built with the user journey in mind, include great photography and a simple navigation.

Try to look at your site from the user’s point of view when building it. Your website needs to be successful  at converting visitors and building your brand.

No Quality Content

A well formatted quality content will allow users to learn more about you and feel more comfortable shopping with you. Build a quality content around your products by developing buying guides and unique product detail pages. Content also include videos and images. It’s important to not only sell your visitors, but inform your visitors. This inturn helps your search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce certainly may not be right for everyone, or it may not even be the right time for you, but it’s important to consider an e-commerce-based strategy if you have a retail operation or even an idea you want to put into action over the next several years.

Are you a startup? Or Are you redesigning your website? Hope these key points provide you with the roadmap to plan a perfect E-commerece website for your business.

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