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What Makes a Great Logo?

When you run a company website, it is obvious that you will start with designing a logo for your website. While designing it is very important that you explore a wide range of options. Also, when you start with designing, the first question that catches your mind is what makes a great logo design? How do you design a logo that attracts a person or a brand?

We at BrandsNeed will provide the answers to all your burning questions. BrandsNeed is one such web design company that aims to provide you the best and unique Identity design. Let’s get started…

Why is Logo Designing So Important?

Basically, a logo is a central part of any business’s branding, as it is usually the first point of contact for most of the potential consumers. Suppose if people connect with your branding, then they will definitely open up to whatever is offering them.

Most importantly, a great logo design will require a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skillful application. No doubt, logo design is just a small subset of branding, but the logo or brand mark will always remain the centerpiece of most branding schemes.

It is quite necessary for you to know that there are a few aspects that are to be considered in logo designing. These aspects may change depending on your needs and how the industry operates. After analysing the best logos, we have come up with five major characteristics that can make your logo unique:


Relevancy is the first quality that the great logos share. The basic component  is the use of colors in the logo, as it triggers different emotions and also represents the brand’s personality to consumers. The font used in the logo will be the next important component in logo designing. Eventually, choosing the right symbols is the key aspect to your logo.


I’m quite sure that you must be aware that most successful logos in history are simple. It is because simple logos are easy to recognize and remember. Basically, a simple design will express your brand’s personality concisely and more effectively. It is always recommended to focus on using as few elements as possible to communicate your brand’s identity.


Basically, a logo aims to create a connection with a consumer and generate interest in your brand. When your users recall your brand and logo, it is only then they can connect with your company. Memorable logos will clearly and cohesively communicate with your brand’s personality and tone. Eventually, your logo should always remain unique.


A timeless logo is the one that is relevant and connects with users when it is being used. These logos mainly focus on quality rather than quantity. Another important aspect is to keep colors simple and basic, ignoring gradients and massive palettes in favor of more selective and unique colors. Your logo should always stand out of the pack as much as possible.


A good log is always the one which is flexible in various ways, shapes and situations. Also when you should choose a logo that can be resized, printed, or placed on different media. The easiest way to make your logo versatile is the format in which you create and save.

When you focus on quality, it is only then you create good logos. When you produce a versatile design, you can establish a strong foundation to build your brand. Making it simple will make it more memorable for the audience. Hence, BrandsNeed ensures to make your design more relevant and unique. Eventually with a good logo, you can start creating an impact on the brand that will catch consumers’ eyes while keeping you on their minds for a long time to come.

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